She’s only ten years old, but she knows something is wrong with her father. Her mother says he just needs time to rest, to clear his mind. They must never question him. They must never call the police.

“Tawnysha Greene’s A House Made of Stars is hard to put down or to forget. The novelist remains so close to the immediate experience of the narrator—a perceptive and endangered child—that the reader sees the world through her in every sense of the word, and is terrified… A gripping, gorgeous read.” – Moira Crone, author of The Ice Garden and The Not Yet

“The characters in Tawnysha Greene’s gorgeous debut are children who can show us the world with startling and heartbreaking clarity. They see the beauty in scraps of ugliness and sense the danger in every tranquil domestic scene. In a novel that belies the familiar tropes of coming-of-age, child narrator, and survival narrative, Greene offers us something that transcends all three.” – Margaret Lazarus Dean, author of The Time It Takes To Fall and Leaving Orbit

“Greene’s young narrator tells their story with intelligence and sensitivity and bravery…A thoroughly impressive work.” – Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It

Released by Burlesque Press  in June 2015. You can purchase it here.